Why is it Important for your Child

As former kindergarten and first grade teachers, we understand the importance of academic investment.  Parents are a child’s first teacher and with the guidance of Jumpstart Safari, they will have the resources necessary to prepare their children to become life-long learners. Our research has documented success from several school districts.  Initially Jumpstart Safari provided evidence that with participation in the Seven Sessions, 95 percent of students scored proficient or higher on DIBELS testing in a cohort of 35 students.  This cohort provided further evidence linking the benefits of strong early literacy foundations to grade three testing with 85 percent of the cohort scoring proficient on Pennsylvania state testing. Further efforts in another school district, with a cohort of 50 students, documented that with participation, 90 percent of students were proficient in their knowledge of upper and lower case letters and sounds prior to the entrance of kindergarten.  The support found with the materials in Jumpstart Safari will educate, equip, and empower families and their children.

Read our white paper on early learning and the benefits of Jumpstart Safari.

Collaborative Transitions into Kindergarten – School Readiness White Paper