About Us

What is Jumpstart Safari

Jumpstart Safari was developed as a transition tool to be used by caregivers prior to the start of kindergarten.  The transition to kindergarten is an important time in children’s lives and it influences the rest of their educational career. Experiencing early academic success can pave the way for future positive school adjustment.  Each of the sessions was developed to support the learning of foundational skills necessary for kindergarten.  Utilized prior to the start of kindergarten, Jumpstart Safari will equip children and families with the tools to support academic success.  Each session provides gaming activities to complete with an adult present. This joint activity should be completed in 10 minute increments or discontinued when the child is tired.  Each session provides at least five activities that can be revisited several times.

Who we are

As educators we have a belief in the power of involving families in the educational process. Developing a strong foundation early on is crucial and documented to have lasting impacts throughout a child’s educational career. It is our hope to make an impact on families and entire educational communities.  We believe in our product and have utilized it with our own children. The materials found in each session have been developed with feedback from families and educators.