The Experts

CrystalDr. Crystal Loose

As a teacher and reading specialist, I have been trained to understand the importance of education beginning at birth. However, I didn’t understand the full impact of interacting with young children until I had my own. Since the birth of my four children, I have witnessed possibilities for unlimited learning. The rapid rate in which my first born learned letters through repetition at the age of 14 months, inspired me to create this program and share the information with others. A child’s brain is like a sponge and the desire to learn at this young age is not comparable to any other age. As I continued to have three more children, I began applying the same early learning principles that I researched and celebrated as I watched them reap the benefits.

The education of parents is a top priority of mine as with this partnership in education, the growth is limitless. I hope this program changes and supports your views of education. It is my pleasure to be a part of this educational journey that you embark on with your own children. I thank the Ephrata Area School District who supported my research by allowing me to offer this program to parents in their district. During the four years in which I presented the program, 95% of the students that went through the program with their parents remained proficient on GRADE and DIBELS testing. The testimonies from parents not only supported the data but the program itself. It is my hope that this program makes a difference in the education of each child and family that partake in the fun.

NateMr. Nathan Eakin

When I decided to leave the business world, I knew I wanted to place myself in a position where I could help inspire children to become confidently equipped to take on the 21st century world. During my experiences teaching first grade, I quickly realized that there is incredible reward in helping students place reading fluency in their tool belts which enhances comprehension, math ability, writing skills, and life in general. It became obvious that working with parents and educating young learners to read so they’re prepared for the future was a passion of mine. We are stoked to work alongside of you to help ensure the success of the children and families in your community. Teaching at the third grade level has revealed an even wider chasm is between competent learners and those whom struggle academically for a myriad of potential reasons. As the National Common Core Standards are being rolled out, it is as paramount to provide the early educational foundation that allows children to succeed in a fast changing school environment. Having attended and assisted with Crystal’s program within the Ephrata Area School District, I am honored to be helping to allow children the opportunity to enter Kindergarten better prepared with Safari Learning’s early learning principles across the curriculum. I have witnessed first hand how these principles enable children to develop literacy and an educational background, which directly leads to a more successful academic career.