Phonemic Awareness

Items needed for this session:

• Bulletin board for tables
• Crayons for drawing on the covered tables
• Magnetic letters
• Dry erase markers
• Dry erasers or socks
• Large paper for name practice
• Alphabet Chart (laminated)
• Two-Way Sort Board (laminated)
• Safari Letter Venn Diagram (laminated)
• Safari Letter Hunt Board (laminated)

Click on the links below to download the instructions for each lesson. In most cases, an instructional video is also provided.


Letter Song (Bingo Tune) Activity

Letter Song (Bingo Tune) Directions (PDF)


Safari Letter Bingo

Safari Letter Bingo Directions (PDF)
Bingo Numbers (PDF)
Safari Bingo Blank (PDF)
Safari Bingo 3 (PDF)
Safari Bingo 2 (PDF)
Safari Bingo 1 (PDF)

Safari Letter Category Sort Activity

Safari Letter Category Sort Directions (PDF)


Safari Letter Hunt

Safari Letter Hunt Directions (PDF)


Safari Mixed Up Alphabet Activity

Safari Mixed Up Alphabet Directions (PDF)


Safari Name Writing Activity

Safari Name Writing Directions (PDF)


Safari Sound Sort Activity

Safari Sound Sort Directions (PDF)

Materials to Download:

I Have_Who Has Directions (PDF)
I Have _Who Has (PDF)
Mixed Up Alphabet Chart (PDF)
Phonemic Awareness Labels (PDF)
Phonemic Awareness PowerPoint
Safari Bingo 1 (PDF)
Safari Bingo 2 (PDF)
Safari Bingo 3 (PDF)
Safari Bingo Blank (PDF)
Safari Letter Categories (PDF)
Safari Letter Song (PDF)
Safari Letter Sound Sort (PDF)
Safari Sort Board (PDF)
Two Way Sort Board (PDF)
Venn Diagram Board (PDF)

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