Concepts of Print

Items needed for this session:

• Bulletin board paper for tables
• Crayons for drawing on the covered tables
• Pipe cleaners and curling ribbons for Word Wands
• Large chart paper to make an example Poster Book (optional)
• Large chart paper for student’s Poster Books
• Stickers for Poster Books
• Wikki Stix or highlight tape
• Sentence Strips
• Scissors
• Go Stop Board (laminated)
• Safari Word Box poster (laminated)

Materials to Download:

Concepts of Print Powerpoint
Go Stop Board (PDF)
Jungle Box Poster (PDF)
Print Concepts Labels (PDF)
Safari Animal Clues_Baboon (PDF)
Safari Animal Clues_Elephant (PDF)
Safari Animal Clues_Kudu (PDF)
Safari Animal Clues_Lion (PDF)
Safari Animal Clues_Meerkat (PDF)
Safari Animal Clues_Rhino (PDF)
Safari Poster Book Colors (PDF)
Safari Sight Word Sentence Pictures (PDF)
Safari Sight Word Sentences (PDF)
The Safari Book (PDF)

Click on the links below to download the instructions for each lesson. In most cases, an instructional video is also provided.


Go Stop Board Activity

Go Stop Board Directions (PDF)


Safari Animal Clues Activity

Safari Animal Clues Directions


Safari Poster Book Activity

Safari Poster Book Directions (PDF)


Safari Sight Word Sentences Activity

Safari Sight Word Sentences Directions (PDF)


Safari Word Box Poster Activity

Safari Word Box Poster Directions (PDF)


The Safari Book Activity

The Safari Book Directions (PDF)


Your Pile, My Pile Activity

Your Pile, My Pile Directions (PDF)

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