Writing Independently

Items needed for this session:

• Bulletin board for tables
• Crayons for drawing on the covered tables
• Bingo Chips or Pennies for Elkonin Boxes
• Photo Gallery Pictures that are laminated from Comprehension and Retell usage
• Large envelopes that will hold the writing supplies
• Writing journals
• Scissors

Materials to Download:

Cadens Classifying Page (PDF)
Elkonin Boxes (PDF)
Felix Fox Phonemes (PDF)
Pattys Picture Frames 1 (PDF)
Pattys Picture Frames 2 (PDF)
Safari Sounds 1(PDF)
Safari Sounds Pictures (PDF)
Topic Photos_Animals (PDF)
Topic Photos_Birthday (PDF)
Topic Photos_Dinosaurs (PDF)
Topic Photos_Food (PDF)
Topic Photos_Playground (PDF)
Topic Photos_School (PDF)
Writing Independently Labels (PDF)
Writing Independently Powerpoint

Click on the links below to download the instructions for each lesson. In most cases, an instructional video is also provided.


Caden’s Classifying Page Activity

Caden’s Classifying Page Directions (PDF)


Elkonin Boxes Activity

Elkonin Boxes Directions (PDF)

Elkonin Boxes Directions – Presenter (PDF)


Informational Photo Gallery Activity

Informational Photo Gallery Directions (PDF)


Patty’s Picture Frames Activity

Patty’s Picture Frames Directions (PDF)


Safari Sounds Activity

Safari Sounds Directions (PDF)


What’s Inside the Envelope Activity

What’s Inside the Envelope Directions (PDF)


Writing Journal Activity

Writing Journal Directions (PDF)

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