Rhyming & Vocabulary

Items needed for this session:

• Bulletin board paper for tables
• Crayons for drawing on the covered tables
• Large chart paper
• Stickers for large chart paper
• Black, orange, or red paper for the Safari Monster Rhyme Activity
• White crayons or chalk
• Highlight tape
• Harry’s Hut of Rhymes (laminated)
• Rhino Rhyme (laminated)

Materials to Download:

Draw A Safari Rhyme (PDF)
Harrys Hut of Rhymes (PDF)
I Have_Who Has Rhyme (PDF)
Martys Match Game (PDF)
Rhino Rhymo Board (PDF)
Rhino Rhymo Playing Cards (PDF)
Rhino Rhymo Words (PDF)
Rhino Rhymo (PDF)
Rhyming and Vocabulary Labels (PDF)
Safari Rhyme Sight Words (PDF)
Vocabulary and Rhyming Powerpoint

Click on the links below to download the instructions for each lesson. In most cases, an instructional video is also provided.


Harry’s Hut Activity

Harry’s Hut Directions (PDF)


Macy’s Match Activity

Macy’s Match Directions (PDF)


Rhino Rhymo Activity

Rhino Rhymo Directions (PDF)


Rhyme Concentration Activity

Rhyme Concentration Directions (PDF)


Rhyme Time Activity

Rhyme Time Directions (PDF)


Safari Rhyme Chart

Safari Rhyme Chart Directions (PDF)


Victor’s Vocabulary Activity

Victor’s Vocabulary Directions (PDF)


Vocabulary Read Aloud Activity

Vocabulary Read Aloud Suggestions (PDF)

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